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Remote Qlik Consulting

Our global Qlik experts team is dedicated to assisting you in reaching your business goals. We use your data to provide you with actionable insights. When we work on a project with you, we endeavour to provide value every day. In addition to meeting your business goals and expectations on time and within your budget, we become a member of your team. At Pharaoh Soft our Qlik team utilize their Qlik experience to assist you in making the best decisions with your data.

Qlik Consulting


We will help you simplify your project logistics, cut costs, raise ROI, and improve efficiency by working with our results-driven development team. We are your go-to resource for all your Qlik project needs. Working remotely, we are not subject to travel delays, complicated airline itineraries, or traffic congestion, you save money on consultant travel, and we are accessible whenever you need us.

Case Studies

OEM Inventory Management Solution
Qlik Sense OEM multi-tenant SaaS solution enabling users to make the best decisions regarding inventory management and optimizing their business workflow.
Pharmaceutical Industry
Custom application for tracking sales and marketing efforts featuring data from multiple sources, and an optimized data model to allow for reporting, comparative analytics, and data discovery across multiple brands with various metrics and featuring a custom heatmap.
Public Health
Custom QlikView app using publicly available data to visualize types of poison control center calls received and patient locations. Features Google Maps integration to display data points on an interactive map.